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About Me

Hi! I’m Adrian. I’m a designer, writer, speaker and coffee enthusiast residing in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. I help companies create memorable experiences through user centered design.

I’m currently design tinkering on a range of AI-first based products such as Google Assistant and Google Lens.


Writing is an essential part of my process. Some of my most popular essays are Animation in UI Design on Smashing Magazine, Creating Distraction-free Reading Experiences, and The Illusion of Time on


I've co-initiated several design initiatives, both during my time as a freelancer and my time at Google. While at iA, I worked for various clients such as Red Bull, Monotype, the Guardian, and others.

  • Mindful (personal project)
    A notepad that follows you throughout your day.
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  • Google Lens
    A Browser for the real world
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  • Smart Display
    Google Home with a screen
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Hinderling Volkart
Red Bull (iA)
Human Made


I'm passionate about sharing knowledge and meeting new people. I've had the opportunity to share ideas at various events around the globe.

UX Days Tokyo 2018
Conversational Interfaces
UX London 2018
Designing for Attention
Push 16, Amuse 2016, DAfed Serbia
Meaningful Motion
UX Alive Turkey, UX Salon Tel-Aviv
Designing Choice
UX Salon, Tel-Aviv
Smart Animation in UX
Designing for Purpose
WC Sevilla
MobX Summit
Spatial Interfaces
UX Lausanne
Distraction-free reading experiences
WordCamp Europe, Bulgaria
Rethinking Content Creation

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